Our Services

1Post-Event Waste Diversion 
SpinFish will arrive post-event with an truck and a fresh crew, ready to haul away all leftovers to a SpinFish Sort Facility. Once the items arrive at the facility, the team will sort, clean and organize all items to determine a second home for each material received. For items that can be reused as is, we work with local charity partners and community organizations in order to maximize its reuse.

2 Upcycling of Custom Event Materials
We’ll work with our team of artists to design new upcycled goods from your custom event materials, such as vinyl, wood,  and fabric. Once the products are manufactured, the client will have the option to purchase the products at a wholesale rate or the goods will become SpinFish property for retail sale.

3On-Site Interactive Education services 
We offer additional services that aim at educating while entertaining event attendees during large festivals and tradeshows such as upcycling demo centers, collaborative art projects, recycling incentive programs and more. 

4Waste Management Coordination
With insights and experience in the events marketing industry, our team can liaise with trash and recycling haulers, develop a composting process and establish other waste management systems.

5Sustainability Consulting
In addition to post-event services, SpinFish can advise on sustainable practices that can be deployed prior to or during the event to prevent waste before it’s created.

6Green Cleanouts
Have our team come to your storage facility or office.  Our team will help you clean out the items you’ve collected because you didn’t want to throw them away or didn’t know what to do with them.  We’ll make sure that they find a proper home, rather than end up in a landfill or stay dormant in storage.

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