SXSW Tradeshow

The SXSW Trade Show is at the center of the SXSW Conference, which combines music, film and interactive festivals into an innovative entertainment forum held in Austin every year.  The trade show features a wide array of exhibitors in all three disciplines represented, and lasts for four days in the middle of the festivals.

After a successful diversion effort at SXSW Eco in October, SXSW brought SpinFish Event Solutions back to Austin for their larger tradeshow this March with an expanded program catering to over 350 exhibitors at an event that hosted 60,000+ attendees.

Key Results from this project include:

  • 8,580 lbs (that’s over 4 TONS!) of leftover materials were kept out of the landfill
  • Reached an overall diversion rate of 86%
  • Received a wide array of interesting materials such as furniture, exercise equipment, custom decor pieces, vinyl, foamcore and promotional giveaways
  • Coordinated 48 unique pickups from local nonprofits, artists, businesses and community members
  • Approximately 2,200-2,500 Austin community members received materials and benefitted from the program
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