SXSW Eco is an event that features innovative solutions taking us beyond sustainability.  In addition to panel discussions and break-out sessions, the event included a 50 booth exhibit hall.

SpinFish was brought on for post event waste diversion of durable event goods.  What does this mean?  This means that SpinFish would divert any event materials, except for consumables; like food and drink.   Mission Accomplished!  SpinFish kept 1,275 pounds out of the landfills.  A mere 19 pounds of the waste went to the trash.  That’s a diversion rate of  99%! These materials included cardboard, printed materials, signage and packing materials, just to name a few.

Items were saved from the landfill by donation and upcycling to local non-profits, community organizations, artists and community members.  Not only was this waste kept out of the landfills, it helped over 600 community members.

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