Starfish Gaming Event

After a recent video gaming event run by Starfish Creative Events, SpinFish participated in a mini, impromptu waste diversion. SpinFish was not hired to divert waste from this event, however the company’s desire to divert waste would not allow them to leave the event empty handed. Armed with a U-Haul cargo van, SpinFish successfully diverted approximately 150 pounds of waste from the landfill. Display items such as shelving units and pallets were free cycled to others. Bar stools were recycled and used in someone’s home. Plants used as centerpieces were planted in a community member’s garden.  This was just a small portion of waste that could have been diverted from the landfill through this event. So, rather than allow these items to end up in the dumpster, SpinFish salvaged as much as could fit in the cargo van in an effort to make some waste diversion.

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