Garden State Greenfest

The Garden State Greenfest is dedicated to educating, inspiring and empowering children and adults, individuals and families, urbanites and small town folks to come together in their communities and workplaces to create a more sustainable planet for future generations. The Garden State Greenfest recently engaged SpinFish Event Solutions in a project to divert waste and create an upcycling center at the 2013 Garden State Greenfest. SpinFish diverted over 350 pounds of waste from the landfill by creating a thoughtful upcycling center. SpinFish featured more than 75 creative upcycling display items to engage the crowd. Additionally, SpinFish created 6 unique themed upcycling workshops, creating 12 projects for the attendees to actively participate in making. Approximately 600 attendees participated in creating various upcycled projects while at the event. Items diverted from the landfill included, but were not limited to: furniture, wine bottles, corks, jars, printed promotional materials, t-shirts, chip board and bottle caps.

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