Our Vision

SpinFish Event Solutions, Inc. is an event services company that wants to change the way event waste is handled. Through donations, recycling, upcycling and freecyling, SpinFish is committed to reduce event waste by 90% or more. With environmentally minded leaders with over a decade of event industry experience, SpinFish is confident in this goal.

Why is this goal important to us? Because we believe there is too much waste in the event industry and in the world. We want to do our part to reduce waste and divert it from the landfill. Our belief is that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and with our creativity, we will take the trash from your event and find a home for this treasure.

With bi-coastal offices, SpinFish services are easily accessible to the events and experiential marketing world.  In addition to direct services, the team envisions sharing their sustainability knowledge with the greater community. The founders believe that this  industry offers many areas for sustainability improvements, however everyone has an opportunity to improve and have a positive impact on the world and its future.