Green Partners


FilmBiz150Film Biz Recycling is a non-profit which prevents pollution, creates jobs and aids the community by diverting set materials to local charities and their prop shop/creative reuse shop in Brooklyn, NY.  Since inception, FBR has diverted more than 450 tons from the landfill.

ScrappyProductsLogo150Scrappy Products was born out of that sense of responsibility toward our environment. The majority of their tote bags are 100% upcycled fabric made from recycled water bottles. They are recyclable, washable, very durable and printed with water-based inks.

madelogo150Made is committed to an environmentally responsible supply chain.  They dig to simplify what materials, packaging and supply chain approaches help reduce a client’s overall footprint.

Hipcycle_Logo150Hipcycle is the leading online retailer for upcycled goods.  They seek to harness the power of business and make the world a better place.  Their mission is to address the global waste problem through upcycling.

Material for the ArtsMaterials for the Arts is New York’s premiere reuse center, providing a way for companies and individuals to donate unneeded supplies to thousands of nonprofit organizations with arts programming and public schools. They offer a wide variety of events, workshops, and classes to help people see and experience creative reuse up close.

GreenerMediaLogo150Greener Media is an award winning multimedia production company based in NYC.  They’re driven by the idea that good storytelling can become a powerful tool to educate and inspire action.

GatherwelLogo150Gatherwell empowers and organizes Practical Idealists to help solve the world’s biggest problems.

Relan LogoRelan focuses on keeping vinyl out of the landfill. Relan’s goal is to help companies and organizations promote sustainability to their customers and stakeholders through the repurposing of billboards and banners into unique, one-of-a-kind, branded products.

montclair_madeFORWEBMontclair Made Claire Cohen has been upcycling for decades.  For years, she had a successful brick and mortar store.  In an effort to reduce her footprint and bring her goods to a larger audience, she moved to a virtual store and brand named Montclair Made.  Montclair Made specializes in unique and creative upcycled goods with a whimsical twist.  Montclair Made has collaborated with other artists and fabricators to create goods for commercial events such as the Montclair Film Festival.

Robert CetruloRobert Cetrulo lives in New Jersey and has been making upcycled and repurposed metal goods for years. A certified electronics technician, Robert applies his knowledge of electronics, metal working, and carpentry to each of his crafts. His creativity is showcased in his ability to make an entire project with materials that are excess or seemingly trash.

CarrieForWebScrew It Up Carrie Long is the founder of Screw It Up.  She offers budget and screw up friendly DIY projects.  She uses dumpsters as a supply resource, rather than a waste receptacle.  With her blogging and vlogging, Carrie has taken the pressure off of DIY projects, while diverting landfill waste.  By blogging with SpinFish, Carrie will help further the mission of reducing landfill usage.

ChristinaChristina Sica has Master’s level certifications in Exercise Science, Massage Therapy and Public Relations, but her passion is creating beautiful items from materials often wasted. Christina’s ideas rival those of Martha Stewart, but she rarely has to purchase new materials to craft something new. With her methodical thinking from her educational background and her creative ability to find a second purpose for used & discarded items, Christina is a SpinFish secret weapon in the battle to eliminate unnecessary waste.

ChristineForWebChristine Duffy is a recently returned Peace Corps Volunteer who focused on sustainable waste management practices during her two years in Thailand. While there, she recognized the huge problem with waste and found new and innovative ways to use that waste.  Through this process, she gained an unexpected interest in the field and continues to work and create using non-traditional materials. She brought awareness to waste in Thailand and has returned to the US to share her knowledge.  Christine is excited to build awareness as a brand ambassador and guest blogger for SpinFish.  You can learn more about her time in Thailand by reading her blog posts: