Our Team & Founders

Stephanie HansenStephanie Hansen
Principal & Co-Founder

Stephanie Hansen, co-founder, specializes in special events and promotions management, with a wide array of expertise in the field of event production. Stephanie draws from her broad experience in a variety of roles within the special events industry. Her ten year career as an event producer allowed her to recognize a need in the industry for a service that helps planners divert custom event materials and leftover supplies from becoming waste, and she is committed to leading the industry in creating zero waste events. Thus, she tapped her sister-in-law for her sustainability expertise and together they began SpinFish Event Solutions.

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West Coast Office
PO Box 12708
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Renee HansenRenee Hansen
Principal & Co-Founder

Renee Hansen, co-founder, has spent much of her career in finance for Fortune 500 Healthcare corporations. She has provided expertise in revenue and expense management by building business plans and providing operational guidance to meet financial goals. While living in San Francisco, Renee developed an awareness and appreciation of the green movement. Upon returning to the East Coast, she incorporated these learnings into her family and community. She has reduced her family waste to less than one kitchen garbage bag per week through recycling, upcycling and composting.  With SpinFish Event Solutions, a collaboration with her sister-in-law, Renee is dedicated to reducing waste on a larger scale.

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East Coast Office
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